Cross Lutheran Chartering Sunday

What does chartering mean?
Just because we’ve decided to become a congregation, doesn’t mean that we’re recognized by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) as one.  This happens when a church charters.  So now that we’ve adopted a constitution, elected our leaders and applied for membership in the LCMS, we are ready to Charter as a congregation.

What happens at a chartering service? 
Besides worship and communion, our church officers will sign the Synod’s constitution in a special rite and the members of Cross have the opportunity to sign a copy of Cross’ constitution, making us all “Charter Members.”

So when will this chartering service happen? 

  • When: October 28th, 2018 – 10:30 AM Worship
  • Where: Rex’s Innkeeper – 301 N Century Ave, Waunakee, WI 53597.
  • Also Note: No activities will happen in Bishop’s Bay that morning.
  • There will be a luncheon at Rex’s following the service.

Is the chartering service on 10/28/18 the only chance I’ll have to sign the constitution? 
We’ll probably leave the chartering process open for a while to give all members who join Cross during this time the opportunity to become charter members of Cross Lutheran as well.

How do I RSVP for the meal? 
There will be a sign-up sheet on the Visitor table at Cross during the month of September and October.

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