Cross Lutheran Church

Render Unto God

October 24, 2020
What does it mean to render unto God the things that are God's...maybe more than you might think.


October 17, 2020
Think about it. God’s not trying to keep people out…instead, He keeps inviting people in. 


October 10, 2020
We all have this selfish dark side and that isn't a good thing. Thanks be to Christ who selflessly sacrificed Himself to save us!

Misguided Perceptions

October 3, 2020
Sometimes it's so easy to spot the sins of another person and so easy to turn a blind eye to our own. Let's explore the damage that misguided perceptions can…


September 26, 2020
How does God's grace work?  Is it fair?  Today we unpack the parable of the vineyard and find out!


September 19, 2020
Sometimes life escalates like a treadmill getting faster and faster.  No matter what happens, stand firm in the Lord!

Into the Light

September 12, 2020
Tonight we celebrate how God sometimes reveals His plans to us gradually as we unpacked our church's VISION and MISSION!